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After the creation of the Ministry of Communications & Digitalization (MOCD) in 2001, the Ministry realized that, globally, information is set to be the most valuable asset in the economy of the new millennium. If Ghana is to achieve its desire to become a knowledge-based economy, which will guarantee its competitiveness in the new economy, then all its citizens need to have access to information in an equitable manner. It is only in this way that the country can create world-class enterprises that can compete globally with the edge in price, quality, delivery, and costs.

MOCD therefore decided to take steps to arrest and ameliorate the ICT policy implementation decadence experienced in the past by embarking on an extensive nation-wide consultation with numerous stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, the academic community, as well as civil societies and various political parties, on how to harness the power of ICT to catalyze sustained growth of the economy. This pervasive and edifying exercise culminated in the formulation of the ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) policy, with the strategic focus of using ICT as a broad-based enabler of the country’s development goals.

In 2003, the ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) policy was adopted as the working policy to direct development of ICTs in Ghana. The policy which is cross-sectoral has fourteen (14) thematic pillars governing all aspects of ICT and national development. Again GICTeD played a central role by coordinating and overseeing the implementation of electronic government programs, initiatives, and activities on information economy issues.

The Ghana I C T Directorate (GICTeD) was to provide leadership in defining and driving the implementation of government-wide ICT policy, strategy, standards and guidelines, technical and platform architecture, security and resilience issues.


It acted as a catalyst for technological change in government to improve the delivery of public services and achieve long-term efficiencies by using the enabling capabilities of information and communication technology (ICT). GICTeD’s identification and application of new (emerging) technology, combined with improvements in existing processes and practices, enabled government policies, programs and services to be connected in ways that better support both the increasing incidence of multi-agency and whole-of-government actions and the needs of customers.

GICTeD was also intended to work across national jurisdictions to maintain and develop Ghana's position as an ICT hub in the country, and a leader in the use of ICT for government’s operations. The Directorate’s existence ended with the coming into force Act 771 which established the Nation Information Technology Agency. The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) was established by an ACT of the Parliament of Ghana (ACT 771) in December 2008. NITA succeeded GICTeD to further government’ ICT policy initiative and regulate ICTs. The ACT spells out the vision, mission, object, functions and mode of operation of the National Information Technology.


Enable efficient service delivery in Ghana.


Enabler of choice for innovative ICT solution.

Core Values

NITA has also identified a five-point core values system that must underpin the culture of a new NITA, and which all staff of NITA must personify. These would be critical for a successful execution. Our core values are the timeless principles that will guide our operations and will be demonstrated through the day-to-day behaviours of all employees


We interact and deal with honesty and sincerity. In dealing with our stakeholders, we are transparent, fair and accountable. We do the right thing at all times.


We are a learning organization; we are quick to introduce innovative and cutting-edge ICT solutions to the market.


We forge long term alliances and partnerships with all internal and external stakeholders. We proactively seek new ways to be better at what we do.

Customer's Centric

We place our customers first at all times. This means quick turnaround times, knowledgeable staff, reliable and quality service delivery at all times.


We achieve outstanding results in everything we do; displaying a high level of expertise, discipline, security consciousness and professionalism in all we do.

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